My Love/Hate with the Golden Arches

For the past few months I have avoided going to McDonald’s because their food has been subpar for the longest. I hated the place because my family and the rest of the world did. I felt guilty for liking something no one else liked.

That’s like peer-pressure at it’s best. But sometimes I craved it and I had to go. I needed those fries and burgers. I mean you can get them anywhere but there was something special about McDonald’s.

Their food has some kind of something in it I can’t describe. So I went for the first time in ages. I ordered one of their new quarter pounders with fries and a sweet tea. I devoured it.

I enjoyed it because I hadn’t had it in so long. Although I hadn’t been eating fast food as often as I had. It lacked something that I used to want. It wasn’t good anymore. So when I started carving McDonald’s I knew it was more than just a craving.

I was craving my childhood. Sounds weird huh? But it’s true. I remember being taken to McDonald’s and having my first burger and loving it. Since then I have liked burgers. So I feel thankful. It was the only resturant that I mention that everyone groans at. But is it really that bad?

I mean there are some restaurants I can’t stand, but I don’t complain every freaking time someone wants to go there. But I would love to not be crucified every time I want to go. I feel that me and Mickey D’s will have to be secret lovers. But I can’t say I love their food because sometimes it is nasty like any other fast food restaurant that lets their food sit forever and then decides to serve it. I’m talking about you Wendy’s, but I digress.

Will I eat their as often as I did before? No, that’s what Chick-Fil-A is for. But I might go three months from now.

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