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How to Declutter Your Room

I like to have a very tidy bedroom. I can’t keep my room messy because it makes me feel uneasy. I can’t have the thought of a messy room hanging over my head. I keep everything organized. So how do I do that?

Well it doesn’t help that my OCD majorly kicks in with my bedroom. I’m not a minimalist, but I don’t like to have everything I have out in the open. Your room looks junky when everything is out in the open.

I don’t have anything in plan site, this way my room always looks clean. Getting storage containers helps keep things organized and also gives you an idea when all of your items are. The more organized you are the more you can keep up with your stuff.

There is nothing like loosing your favorite earrings because they are in the wrong place. For jewelry it’s best to have several containers or boxes to place it in. Separating your earrings and necklaces helps to not tangle your jewelry together. If you’re in a rush you can quickly grab you jewelry instead of having to untangle and unravel each piece.

The less you have on your dresser the cleaner the area will look. Keep books, CDs, DVDs, and other items in a separate place instead of stacking them on your dresser, nightstand, or any place that will make it look very crowded. Try placing those items on a bookshelf or on your tv stand.

I will be honest about this next tip. I hate to make my bed, but when I do I take all the extra covers and fold them and place them in a convenient place. This can be under your bed (I place them there), in your closet or any place where they are not in the way. You can do the same with pillows. I sometimes take light blankets and lay them across the end of my bed.

Place laundry in a tucked away place. Laundry can smell and also be an eyesore as it piles up. You can tuck laundry in a basket in your closet if you don’t want anyone to see your dirty clothes. I stick my laundry in a hamper in a corner. I also have a hamper that matches the rest of the items in my room (this way it isn’t as noticeable.)

This is the way I keep my room organized. If I could keep my room even neater I would, but I don’t think I can (funny huh?) Just make sure you don’t overload your room with containers and shelves for storage. It looks tacky.


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