How to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is something that everyone experiences. Even though some people have higher anxiety than others, people still need help calming down when they feel their hearts are in their throats. Calming your anxiety is hard. I used to let my anxious feelings take over. While I panicked nothing was being solved. I have was going around in circles and life was not stopping.


I had to learn, to not panic and move on. Don’t focus on what is not happening or what should be happening. I knew that deep down inside I couldn’t control everything although I wanted to. Control is what kept me happy, but you can’t control everything.

When I relaxed control, I began to relax all together. I knew there was nothing I could do once a situation left my hands. When I turned something in or gave something away, I couldn’t focus on it anymore. I wish I knew this in college. I spent all my time worrying about what could and would go wrong. But those things never happened.



There is no point in making things up in my head. So how do you think less about something? Finding something else to think about helps a little, but not enough to help with your anxiety. I like to think the best and know that what I am going through can turn out okay.

Not knowing does make us concerned, but the concern should not turn into worry. Worry means that you fear something. Once you figure out what you fear, you can stop worrying. Don’t fear the future because it is going to happen regardless of what you worry and not worrying about.

The key thing is to face your fears and to try to let go of control. Know that everything will turn out okay. Don’t think the worse. You will stress yourself out.

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