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How to Take Negative Comments

I stopped telling people about my plans and ideas because I was annoyed with what people would say. It’s not pleasant being judged for things you are passionate about. I didn’t like to tell people about my career choice because I knew the reactions were not going to be the best. I wanted them to be preppy, and happy but they weren’t.

So how did I, or better yet do I handle the negative comments? Well if you asked me a while ago I would say cry in a corner. It was easy to cry, but it’s harder to do what I do now. Now I just brush it off. Brushing it off takes practice and isn’t something you do on the first try.


How do you pass off negative comments?

First, you think about everything positive about yourself. Tell yourself that you are worth it. Think about everything you have accomplished. This can be the smallest thing in the world. You don’t have to win a Nobel Peace Prize. You just have to have accomplished something, you can pay your bills. That’s actually a huge thing. The more you think positive about yourself, the less negative comments will affect you.

You think about what you are achieving and why you are striving for what you are doing. A goal is not something that is achieved fast. It takes time to complete a goal. So if someone tries to rush you, ignore them. They are not you and they are not aware of what it takes to do what you are doing.


Don’t get an attitude with anyone. Some people mean well, but they don’t articulate well. They don’t say the most encouraging words although they want to see you succeed. Just smile and let their words go in one ear and out the other.

Don’t avoid conversation. You can’t avoid talking about your career or life choices. People are going to ask questions. They want to know you and they want to show they care. People also want to know that they are not the only ones; they don’t want to be alone.


You don’t have to be fake, but you don’t have to tell anyone all your business. If it is an acquaintance it is definitely not necessary. You may only talk to that person a few times in life. The conversations you have are just small talk. Just keep it that way. Not even family needs to know every last detail, sometimes they are the least supportive and will say the most hurtful things.

Try to make it your goal to ignore people who have no benefit in your life. If you take in everything everyone says, you will carry a large chip on your shoulder. Brush it off, shake it off, or do whatever you do, but just keep it off. Don’t let negativity bother you anymore.

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