Dealing With Stress,  Understanding You

I’m Not Stressed

For the first time in months, I am not feeling like I’m going to explode from the inside out. I have been stressed out my entire life trying to do everything at once. I have put standards on myself that are hard to upkeep.

I didn’t know what it’s like to breathe, but I do now.  I always thought that it was something that people who were established did. I couldn’t enjoy life because I needed to be established. I’m learning to live and let live.

I know that I’m not letting anyone down except myself. If I continue to put high standards on myself I feel I would have a serious meltdown. I have stressed myself out before to the point where I made myself sick for a week.

I felt at twenty-three that I should have accomplished a lot in life. But at twenty-three I have done more than many people. My therapist admitted I have done more than her around this age. I think I am trying to reach milestones before I’m supposed to.

I’m starting to understand why people are telling me to relax. I want to start relaxing and enjoying life. Life is supposed to be fun and worth living. I will reach the milestones when I’m supposed to. I won’t rush myself.

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