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Ask Him Questions

I sat next to my small group leader in an aluminum chair listening to young women share their experiences living in Christ. I remember when I first got saved I felt invincible. There was nothing that could touch me because my BFF was Jesus Christ. Everything was amazing, my friends all went to church and they were on board, life was easy.

It’s hard for me to say great because I did meet resistance. Not everyone had a positive experience being a Christian. I learned this years later going through college and meeting people who were scarred from past wounds of losing someone or feeling as though God had failed them.

Many people go that route, but the girls in my group chose to say next to God and continued to follow Him not knowing what would happen next. I think one thing to learn as a young Christian is that not everything is going to be peaches and cream. That saying may be cliche but it’s true. God promised us to help us through, but He never promised that we would never go through anything.

As I watch people go through suffering I always wonder if they pray or if they have ever prayed and who were they praying to. These were only a few questions. But as I talked to my small group I realized something. People do pray and they ask God for help.

Lack of prayer is not the problem for Christians, my small group confirmed it. The struggle was understanding why God does the thing He does. I know what it’s like to ask someone for something and He doesn’t deliver. But there was a reason why.

I remember one story I heard from my group that stuck with me. One of the girls in my group lost her grandmother. She prayed and prayed for God to save her grandmother but He didn’t. She didn’t know why. It wasn’t what she asked for, it wasn’t what she wanted but it happened.

It is not inhuman to think about why things happen. It’s not wrong to ask why? If you’re like me when you doubt God and His will you get upset with yourself. You don’t want to question God. Who am I to do that? But God allows us to ask questions (Hebrews 11:6.) You shouldn’t feel stupid for doing human things. God created you with human emotions.

In the midst of what you’re going through, don’t give up. Pray. Don’t think of questions as a bad thing. Use your questions to grow closer to God. Get to know Him and try to understand Him as much as you can.

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