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Popcorn Love

My family loves popcorn. So much that we keep it in stock at the house. My dad will sometimes go to the movie theater to buy their popcorn. It tastes good and I didn’t know that you could buy movie theater popcorn without a ticket buy anyway.

My dad eats popcorn every day, my younger brother, Devin, used too before braces and my mom and I make our popcorn. Frankly, I don’t think we could live without it. But I realized something about my family. Popcorn is more than our favorite snack it’s also a gift. For me, it’s how I say I’m sorry.

Sounds weird. I make people popcorn and everything is good. Well, it’s almost like that. In the past, my parents have been mad at me. Since they weren’t ready to talk I gave them popcorn.

After a very heated argument with my dad. I ended up going to movies a few days later. I brought back an Avenger’s Infinity War popcorn tin to my dad. He smirked. He was still mad but that soften the blow. He enjoyed that and it showed I love him.

My mom and I got into it and I didn’t know what to do. I was up late and decided to make her popcorn at one in the morning. I wrote her a note and left it by her door. We reconciled later that day.

Popcorn works magic for me. I’m used to having it and eating it. I think popcorn heals the soul.

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