Jesus Let Me Break My Fast

So I prayed to have Christian friends and my prayer was answered. I was more than happy to have the company of warm and friendly people. I think everyone needs friends.

Since my mom was doing the Daniel Fast and I epically failed after one day (look it was hard!) I decided to fast something else for twenty-one days: eating out, sweet drinks, and alcohol. This was easier than the Daniel Fast but not by much. I love Coke!

I was determined to do this. I had fasted fast food for twenty-five days. But this fast was very different. I really carved everything I couldn’t have. After a couple of weeks, everything got better. I was doing good.

So how did the fast get broken? Good question. One of my new friends I made in my small group invited me to lunch. My prayers for friends was answered. I knew that this was God working. So how could I reject Him? I’m pretty sure the fast helped. I was giving up something I loved for the Lord.

As I ate lunch at a delicious Thai restaurant, I fellowshipped and got to know an amazing woman of God.

I thank God for that lunch. I didn’t eat out after that. I also didn’t drink anything sweet until my fast was over. I was proud of myself and the best part is that God is moving in my life.

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