Trying Small Groups Again

I have been going to my church for almost two years. I have interacted with some people, but I’m not, sure enough, people know my name. I wanted to be the person that people knew, but I had to interact with people.

I really didn’t know how to do that. I would have to go to events, but even then I didn’t know who to hang out with. The people I knew were already in cliques. It was the problem that everyone faces when in a social gathering. The best way is to just try to hang out with people, but it just seemed weird.

So my church gave the idea of a small group. The groups were supposed to help us get together and talk about Jesus and grow together a church in smaller groups. This was also the best way to make friends.

After a few weeks of joining the church, the small group pastor put me into a small group with some girls my age. I was around twenty-years-old and everyone else was about a few years older than me. When I first went to the group I had fun, but it lacked one major thing, conversations about Jesus. We talked about dating lives, work problems and everything else except for church. When God was finally mentioned it was because I decided to big Him up when talking about praying and helping people come to Christ.

The leader brought up God a few times, but it wasn’t enough for me to few comfortable about talking about my personal problems with them. The other thing that was wrong was there were always toddlers around who distracted all the conversations. I found it frustrating to always have a baby interrupting the conversation. I love babies with my heart and soul, but there are a time and place for them to be.

I was apart of the group until the end of the semester (Our groups start every semester. They begin in winter there is a break for summer and the second semester starts in the fall.) I didn’t join the group again. My small group leader had asked me would I be joining and I politely told her no. I wasn’t getting anything from them. If I wanted to gossip and complain about life I would have gone to school. I was still in college at the time.

I had become content with not making real friends and decided to not join any more small groups. I just sat at home with myself. But my mom was not content with that so she made me join a small group and I went. This group wasn’t bad at all and the people were nice, but I felt that I was at church and I was bored. Our church isn’t boring! Also everyone instead of being two or three years older than me they were twenty to thirty years older. They gave excellent advice, but that wasn’t enough.

Eventually, my mom and I started a project to redecorate her room and then I stopped going. I wanted to make friends my age and my mom knew I needed to and kept mentioning it because she cared for my well being.

So three times the charm right? I prayed to God to give me friends and I knew that for Him to work I needed to do work too. I decided to join a small group. I checked every day after they announced small groups returning at church. The group I found was just right; it was for young adult girls, who were single. I joined right away.

When I entered my small group leader’s home I felt more than welcome. Everyone was nice and on the first day, we talked about life and Jesus together. We talked and got to know each other and the best part was that we were all there to help and understand each other.

I felt a connection with these girls I didn’t have with the others. We are a good fit and I know that God has finally answered my prayers. I can’t wait to see what we talk next week. Maybe there was be more cookies!

4 thoughts on “Trying Small Groups Again

  1. Danica Anne Panganiban says:

    that’s a great experience. My being introvert makes it hard to make new friends especially after my second move but it is okay. i am getting closer to my goals. I hope you have more fun next time. =)


  2. LaZiaRo says:

    I totally LOVE smallgroups! You can grow, have fun and share deep stuff in a very safe place.
    But you’re right, you have to find the right one for you.
    I think the group doesn’t have to be the same as you in every aspect (female, single, 20yo, students….), I had amazing connection with some elderly lady, younger guys, foreigners, you name it. it just has to “feel” right (:


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