Understanding You

Being Stuck in Hurt

When we are hurt a lot of the time we want to dwell in what hurt us. Even if no one wants to admit that they think about the negative, I will admit it. Over time I have become a negative person because I dwell so much in past hurts.

I experienced a lot of trauma as a little girl. I have memories of things I would like to not remember. These events have affected the way I treat people and how I feel about myself. So I can honestly say that I’m stuck in my past hurt.

I realized that if I’m stuck in hurt then I’m not healing. I have talked about my past and even gotten help, but it didn’t do anything to help me heal. I was just getting by.

To fully heal you have to move forward. I haven’t done that, but I am slowly reaching a point where I realize how my past affects my future. I was once told that I had to get out of my own way. Even though staying the way I am is comfortable, it’s not good for my mental health.

I have to move. To move is to get better and to get better is what everyone wants for me. So why should I be stuck in hurt? It does nothing for me.


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