A Day in the Life

A Letter to Dee

Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Dear Dee,

I sometimes wonder how you are. I haven’t seen you since our high school graduation. You were always so gloomy and your mind adrift. I never thought about how you felt. I never cared until now. I treated you bad because I was annoyed that you always had problems in your life. I had never meant someone with so many issues. I remembered I told you “there is always something wrong with you.” I’m sorry for saying that. That was mean and uncalled for. You needed someone to listen and I didn’t want to.

Kia listened to you, but she also agreed with me. I just wanted someone to agree with me because I was annoyed with you. But I understand you now. You were going through so much and you were depressed. I  should have been better to you. I know that you will probably not see this, but I wanted to get this off my chest. I want to say I’m sorry. I hope the best for you and I pray that you are blessed.

– Tiara

I am a personal blogger! I love to write and I love cookies and cake. And cheesecake. I love talking about my experiences in life. I like to write fiction and invent different worlds in my head. I enjoy watching movies, but I'm not a horror fan. I like watching Disney movies and hope to one day create a Disney Princess.

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