No New Year’s Resolution Here

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They are no pointless, but it’s hard to follow through on such large goals that need to be planned out far in advance. I decided that the changes I had made in 2018, I will continue them and also continue to improve myself.

I will continue to eat healthier and I will try to stop doing certain compulsions. I know that my OCD has gotten better and it’s easy to slip backward so I will continue to push myself. This will be something I have to do every year no just this year.

I know that 2019 is going to be an excellent year. I will make it an excellent year. I don’t want to sit in my room depressed or anxious anymore. I have done that for years and it’s time-out for that.

I’m working on loving myself because I’ve been hating me for a while. I’m not perfect and I’ll never be. I wasn’t created to be perfect. Perfection is unachievable. That is one of my flaws, trying to make everything perfect.

So this is a year of a new Tiara. I will be the best I can be and successful. I wish that for everyone this year. This is going to be a great year!


I am a personal blogger! I love to write and I love cookies and cake. And cheesecake. I love talking about my experiences in life. I like to write fiction and invent different worlds in my head. I enjoy watching movies, but I'm not a horror fan. I like watching Disney movies and hope to one day create a Disney Princess.


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