Things That Bother Me Badly

Molestation Jokes Aren’t Funny. Period.

I don’t know rather or not it’s the age difference but people over 45 see the world completely different than people under 45. Things don’t stick with them the same way. Or another way to put it they are not bothered by the same things younger people are.

The #MeToo moment has became a big thing for a very obvious reason. Women are starting to speak up against sexual abuse. After being silent for years they finally have a voice. I am one of these women.

So when someone makes a passive joke about molestation it bothers me. Because it’s not just a joke it is something that has happen to many women and men.

I know the person didn’t think much about it because they did not grow up with our generation. Millennials are open for change and making life better for everyone and making sure that no one is sexually harassed.

The joke I heard was about a woman who was tweety years younger than her husband and I did not find it appropriate to make fun of the girl as if she was being molested.

These types of things are not helping people feel comfort about talking about sexual harassment if it is going to be made fun of indirectly. This happens a lot in the media and on tv and I think it needs to stop.

In other to advance we have to recognize our faults and try to fix them. If a person is offended by molestation jokes that does not make them too sensitive. That might actually be their trigger and like me they are slowly trying to heal.

We should think before we speak and consider everyone and try to be respectful of all circumstances.

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