Understanding You

I Can’t Fictionalize Anymore

I used to write fiction every day. I never thought in a million years that I would write about my real life. As I got into college my love for fiction faded away. I realized that I didn’t want to write it because I wasn’t that good at it.

So I stopped writing fiction. It brings me no joy.

I didn’t give up, I realized that I was writing it to become famous and not because I wanted too. My fiction was personal and wasn’t for everyone. I feel embarrassed to share it with other people. So when I shared it with my college class I felt violated. I didn’t think it would happen. It was a choice to share, but I shouldn’t have.

I rather share about myself and my real life than to make things up about a fictional person. My heart is not in it. So I will keep to writing about myself.

I can’t write fiction anymore. It just doesn’t make me happy like it did when I was a teen trying to impress a few internet fans. So yeah, that was a thing for a few years.

But I will write about me because that is easier and fun.

I am a personal blogger! I love to write and I love cookies and cake. And cheesecake. I love talking about my experiences in life. I like to write fiction and invent different worlds in my head. I enjoy watching movies, but I'm not a horror fan. I like watching Disney movies and hope to one day create a Disney Princess.


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