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The Girl Who Cried, Daddy Issues

Being a child with two parents I am more than thankful to have both a mom and dad. I never complained about having both my parents unless my parents’ relationship was on the rocks.  This affected the way I’ve seen my dad in recent years.

I never thought that anything could affect my dad’s and I relationship, but one thing managed to; time. Time has changed me and my dad and we are not the same father-daughter team that spent our Sunday evenings at the park.

I never wanted to be the girl that rolled her eyes at the sight of her dad, but I turned out that way. I started seeing my dad as an adult instead of as a child. Children are innocent and don’t know the ways of the world. They also don’t know the truth about their parents.

Life is easier that way. My dad and I were close when I saw him as a child. I don’t like to be at odds with my dad but the more I understand him the more I get upset and annoyed with him. We clash the older I get, but I realized something that I had never before.

I need to see my dad as a child again. I can’t get angry at him when I look at him as I did when I was three. It’s easier that way. I no longer want to roll my eyes, it’s not good for my mental health.

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