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Destress During Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time, so stress should not be in your vocabulary.  If you are anything like me, you are thinking about everything you would want to do before the holiday is over.

I like to see lights and go to shows and stuff. All this contributes to my OCD. I feel I must do everything to make Christmas special. Here’s the thing, Christmas will be special without all the activities we do, they are a bonus.

If you are stressing on how to make Christmas special, stop. Spend time with those who matter and try to make the best memories. Try to make memorable memories and not things you will forget about next week.

Christmas is such a beautiful time and shouldn’t be wasted with commercial things. I’m not saying the commercial things are not fun, but you can live without them. A nice Christmas movie with the family and some hot cocoas are enough.

So stop stressing, stress makes you not enjoy the holiday. Destress and enjoy what you have. Also Merry Christmas!

Before I go, check out my post on How to Destress During Christmas! See ya later! And stay on the nice list!

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