Christmas Presents Stress Me Out!

I love Christmas! I look forward to it all year. I love the magic that Christmas brings and all the beauty it brings along. The holiday makes me very happy. I enjoy Christmas so much! It is everything right with the world. I don’t think there is anything I super dislike about Christmas except maybe fruitcake and occasionally buying Christmas presents.

See here’s the thing, I stress about getting presents because I need everything to be perfect for Christmas. I know, it’s my OCD, but Christmas is my holiday. I make sure every ornament is right.

I don’t mind going Christmas shopping, but sometimes I do. Every year I have to shop for my mom’s gifts with my dad. My dad and I clash a lot because what he wants to buy her and what I know she wants are two entirely different things. Don’t get me wrong my dad is good at buying presents, spontaneously. He’s not so good with handling list.

I get stressed out because I want my mom’s Christmas to be perfect the same way she makes our Christmas’ perfect. My dad is bah humbug so he doesn’t get it. I take on the responsibility of making my mom feel special and appreciated. I do this all year, but I overdo it Christmas. I will do this every year with or without my dad. Preferably without.

So yes, I’m stressed, but only because I’m aiming for perfection. Right now, in my head, it’s possible.


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