I Will Be Distant

I live in a family when I’m not free to express my personality. Interestingly enough my family is very silly and playful, but my ways of being silly and playful are rejected. I’m an outcast in a sea of people I thought would understand me. But they don’t understand me and they don’t try to.

They want me to understand them and help them. I don’t get the same respect that they want me to give. My family gives me headaches. I don’t want to continue getting headaches and stressed out, it’s not worth it.

So I have decided.

I will be distant. Why you ask? Because I can’t keep rolling my eyes at people I can’t stand. I don’t have to be in their face and know every detail of their life. It’s not necessary. I won’t pretend to like them or try to engage with people who can’t stand me. I will not go to their events. I’m trying to get better mentally. I can’t do that with certain people around. My family triggers my OCD and they trigger horrible memories. So I will distance myself from them

This is better for me. So, I love you family, but I can’t with you. Let’s keep at arm’s length.

4 thoughts on “I Will Be Distant

  1. Bria says:

    This is understandable. I truly hope they come around to you. But there’s nothing wrong with distancing yourself from family. They can be the main ones who hurt you in the end.

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