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My Dad Likes Boxes

Every time my mom buys my dad a new watch he keeps the box. He shoves it on the shelf at the top of his closet and shacks each and everyone. I never noticed this. I don’t go into his closet like that, but my mom made mention of it.

Watch boxes are not the only boxes my dad keeps. He used to keep the boxes for only gaming consoles and computers. It was recently discovered he was keeping a box from an old video cam no one uses anymore.

My mom doesn’t understand it. I kind of didn’t at first either. I thought he liked collecting junk, but it seemed more than that. I feel like my dad doesn’t want to lose things, so he keeps the boxes.

I understand that. For things, I don’t want to lose I put them away. My dad has a hard time letting go of things because he feels they won’t be replaced.

Have you ever meant someone like that?

I’m sure we all have. People don’t like to let stuff go even if it’s trash. But I learned something. If you replace the item with something new they won’t care about the old anymore.

It sounds simple because it is. When you have nothing to replace something with, you want to keep it. Why keep the old and the new? Unless you have too, but a lot of times you don’t.

Try this with someone who you know won’t let things go. Christmas is coming up. It will be a great gift.

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