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Don’t Touch My Closet!

If you ever do my mother’s laundry there is one rule. Don’t hang up her clothes. Why? Well if you want to get fussed at you can, but I avoid it at all cost. I put all her clothes in a basket and stick them in her room. I refuse to do anything wrong in there.

For starters, she likes to have all her clothes in a particular order and have colors put together and shoes a certain way. For short she is OCD about her closet.  I do understand that she wants order; my closet is in order. I just don’t want to mess it up. I don’t wear her clothes (all the time).

Because of her, I did learn how to hang up clothes right. She made me learn. I also learned that wire hangers are a sin. They don’t belong in the house.

andrej-lisakov-682699-unsplash Yeah seriously no.

If anyone is really not allowed to touch her closet it’s my dad. She loves him, but not the way he hangs clothes. He uses wire hangers and messes up her clothes. She rolls her eyes so hard when he does it. I thought the thought counted, but when you have to rehang everything I guess it doesn’t.

I have never meant anyone OCD about a closet except mother. The worse part is that she spreads it all to my brother, dad’s, and my closets too. I never wanted to be closet shamed, but it happened. It was so bad I rehung all my clothes with plastic hangers. I threw out all the wire ones.

I don’t blame her. A junky closest just looks bad. You also can’t see the clothes you have if it’s messy. I’m not saying you should tell everyone they have a junky closet to make them clean, but kinda make some small remarks. Maybe they will straighten up, just like my dad did after my mom reorganized her entire closest.

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