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Crazy Can Be Hereditary (A Family Full of Compulsions.)

I am only one of my family members with OCD. I am the first to be diagnosed so this is how I am able to pinpoint it in the rest of my family. My family members do not suffer with OCD as bad as I do. I need to be on medicine because my thoughts and compulsions hinder my life. But some of the things my family does makes me think they might need to be on meds.

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I don’t think that any of my family really knew what OCD was until I was diagnosed. It only hit my mom a few weeks before my diagnosis. I did a lot of research and was surprised how my symptoms I had.
It wasn’t like my family shunned me or anything. They were open to know what OCD was. But as I explained myself, I realized that I may not be the only one. For starters, one of my cousins couldn’t stand germs, to the point she was worried about other people and their belongings. She was scaring herself thinking about everything wrong in her surroundings. I then thought about myself.
I couldn’t have people in my surroundings unless I wanted them there. It was frustrating enough to have to clean up after other people. I understood her and her pain. I couldn’t help but too.
When I spoke to another cousin she also expressed the same feelings of having people using her stuff, but her’s went further. She didn’t want to touch the jar of mayo if there was mayo on it. She rather it is thrown into the trash. She also expressed how she didn’t like to scrap her hair gel from the middle of the jar, but in a circle. I didn’t think that mattered. It did to her and she made it clear.
These were a few examples from my distant family. I thought that maybe I was just finding coincidences, but then I spoke to my younger brother and I discovered how much he likes things to be done right.
My brother is a perfectionist and he doesn’t deny it. He was to do everything to his best (if it is something he wants to do.) He will redo a task over and over until he thinks it’s done right. I do the same thing. I find myself stressed after a while. I didn’t know rather or not redoing things bothered him, but I liked things done right on the first try.
I can’t even tell you all the examples of my family and the things they told me. I just gave a few.
Do you or your family have OCD?  Try this OCD test below. Until then see ya next time.

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