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You’re Not OCD, You’re Organized

One of my biggest pet peeves is to meet someone with OCD who doesn’t really have it. I realize that this miseducation comes from the lack of knowledge about what OCD is. OCD is not a cleaning disorder. If you like to keep your house organized and your pens straight do not think you’re OCD.

I don’t know how the illness came to be known as the cleaning disease, but you can be OCD and be a complete slob. Yes, you heard it right. You can have OCD and not be clean. Some people with the disease are actually hoarders.

It doesn’t help that pop-culture misinterprets with OCD is. If you remember Glee from a few years ago, you can see why people think that OCD is obsessive cleaning. The counselor Ms. Pillsbury was the prime example of what comes into people’s head when they think about OCD. That comes from a lack of research.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not cleaning, but a person’s compulsions can be cleaning. Does that make sense? Compulsions can be anything from cleaning all the way to counting how many yogurts you buy at the store. A person’s compulsions help eases the anxiety and obsessive thoughts that are occurring in a person’s head.

Don’t assume that you have OCD just because you like to be clean. Cleaning and organizing are something everyone does and attempts. It should not be seen in a negative light. You should only be worried about having OCD if it affects your daily life and raises your anxiety.

If you think you have OCD talk to your doctor or therapist and ask about treatments. Until then, check out this links below on OCD. See ya next post!



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  • Ashley Johnson

    I don’t have OCD but have definitely heard my share of “you’re too OCD about everything”. Everything has it’s place, I like to keep everything clean, everything goes on my calendar (& I have 3). I empathize with people who ACTUALLY have OCD who constantly hear it thrown around to characterize people who just like to keep things clean. I have anxiety & it bothers me that it’s thrown around much in the same way. It make it more of a joke than a legitimate illness. So I LOVE this post. Again, don’t have OCD, just also tired of hearing everyone diagnose themselves (or others) as it takes from the actual sufferers. Great read!

    • Gina

      Excellent post. I think the careless way the term OCD is tossed around decreases the empathy for people that are truly diagnosed with this disorder.

      • Tiara

        I agreed. Many people don’t know. So they use the term as a joke. But educating people is the first step in getting them to understand. Thanks for your comment!

  • Donna

    I have it and it bothers me when people say they have it. It is not fun and it definitely not a joke! My sister talked to a psychologist when she thought it was getting worse and I was glad she did! It was a sad day when I knew, but it was a good thing I knew earlier. They said it could be minimized. It will never go away though…

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