7 Ways to Survive Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving is just around the corner and if you’re hosting you have a lot on your plate. Cooking for tens of people and making sure that they have a good time isn’t the easiest task and it’s worse when you’re managing by yourself. Here are some easy tips to survive this Thanks Giving season.

First thing first, have your best friends wine and beer around. 

These two will help your tolerate any and everyone who is not the best holiday guest. They may just be people you have to put up with because you have too, but don’t worry. Keep your besties around and hide them from annoying family members who are too cheap to buy their own.


Have your phone and just tweet.

Tweet everyone out in the world that your holiday needs to be saved. Don’t worry, Twitter Fam is always there to save the day. If your holiday is boring you will find something to laugh about on Twitter.


Stay on the Gram!

If you keep posting to Insta you can’t worry about anything but getting likes. I mean you need the perfect Turkey selfie.


Hideout in your secret place. 

Everyone has one of these in your house. If you are hosting a ton of kids this would be the best way to win at hide-and-go-seek. You can also bring a large plate from dinner and sit and watch Netflix on your phone.


Say you’re going to the store and then sit in the parking lot. 

You’re not lying. You actually went to the store. You can bring some snacks and prepare yourself to deal with Thanks Giving guest. Or you can watch Amazon Prime on your phone. They have fabulous movies.


Put your headphones in and smile and laugh. 

They don’t know you are listening to your favorite song, They don’t need to know why you have your AirPods in. Some of your older family may not know what they are anyway. Play some fun song and then strike up a conversation with grandma. Smile and nod, the only thing you need to do.


Lay on the sofa and fall asleep. 

No one will mess with a sleeping person. No one should mess with a sleeping person. Grab a younger child whose nap-time is in order. Cuddle with them. Once they nest their head on your chest you are free to fall asleep. No bothering you at all.


This has been your guide you surviving Thanks Giving. Comment below. Until next time folks!

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