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How Your OCD Can Be Positive

As a person with OCD a lot of times we focus on the negative. OCD tends to place negative thoughts into our heads or cause us to take actions based on a negative thought. We try our hardest to control our OCD so that we can focus on trying to keep it dormant, but there are times when our OCD can be active. Did you know that your OCD can be positive?

Yeah, when I first heard this from my therapist I couldn’t believe it! I could take my compulsions and reoccurring thoughts and use them for good? Great idea! But how does one start to do that?

Well for starters you have to find out something to use your OCD for. Something good of course. 

I like to clean since I do I am always keeping the house organized and clean. No one who lives with me ever complains about rooms being dirty because I exercise my compulsions for a better purpose.

Recently I decided to help my aunt organize her house. I have helped her come up with ideas for her and her family to live more comfortably in their home. So far the ideas I have come up with she has loved. And her house is slowly coming together.



You can turn your OCD into a job.

Okay everyone needs to work, so why not take your expertise and turn it into a job? Well you get what I mean by expertise right? Yeah, use your OCD and turn it into some cash. You would be surprised by how many people would love you because you are so anal about the way you want stuff done.

Because you are OCD you can run your our business and do things the way you want without anyone telling you what or how to do it! You can be anal about your own stuff! I can yell this to the rooftops. I have used my OCD to create a blog and here I am!



You can help others with OCD.

Yep, you can tell people how to manage their OCD by telling them what you know about your OCD. You don’t have to be a blogger or go to school, you can just share your experiences with people and they love it. People like to hear real stories, not just statistics. We are more than numbers. What you are going through someone else is experiencing too.

Use your OCD. Make something of yourself you didn’t know you could do. Make sure that you don’t fall into your compulsion or go down a negative path. If you do talk to your therapist. Other than that, work that OCD y’all!

Comment your thoughts. I’ll see ya next post!

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