Stop Worrying! OCD is Illogical!

My dad can home from Walmart with a hand full items that he needed for the week. In the bag was a box of pink-eye reliever. I panicked for a second, but then I stopped.  My mom told me that my dad’s eye was hurting for a week. He also didn’t have a red eye or crust around it. My dad didn’t have pink-eye. If my dad had pink-eye that means he would have given to my mom, me, and my brother a few days ago.

My dad’s OCD was causing him to panic about something that wasn’t true or didn’t make any sense.  He was working based on thinking the worse instead of thinking logical. Logical thinking would be that he scratched his cornea with is 1000% possible.

When you are panicking you don’t think about what is possible or logical. Your thoughts become overwhelmed with the worry of the terrible things that could be used to put yourself in a mind trap.

First thing first, don’t fall into your compulsions. Don’t do the things you normally do when you worry. Don’t use the internet, don’t try to reassure yourself. You will go around and around until you can’t think straight anymore.

Try to cope with the situation. Figure out something that doesn’t cause you to worry. Remember that everything will be okay. And anything situation you can make it through. Why spend time worrying. It does add anything to your life. God does not call us to worry. So we shouldn’t do what he hasn’t created us to do.

Isaiah 41:10 is a good verse to think about if you began to worry. God tells us to fear not because he is with us. If he is with us then who can be against us, or what thing can be against us.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done.” Phillpians 4:6 NLT

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