I Have the Best Lil Bro in the World

I love having a little brother. He is the best dude in the world. He is one of my many rocks. I have three altogether. My brother Devin is a very chill person. He doesn’t say much and observes everything. He has an opinion and when you need it he gives it to you. His opinion is always honest and helpful. He makes a lot of jokes, but he is a teenager, so I can only expect so much.

What I like most about him is that he listens. He tells me the truth and gives me advice as though he is my older brother. He is taller than me, but that doesn’t count. My brother is the one that tells me to pray when I’m moping and to stop snacking when I’m trying to lose weight.

I won’t just let any woman marry him. She will have to come correct. I will try not to be too over-protective of who he dates, but I will be paying attention to the girls he brings around. My brother is a diamond. I will not let anyone hurt him. He is really sweet and deserves the best.

He’s helped me through so much. I just like to see him happy and to get him small things at the store, like Snickers. I’m essentially his mom right now when our mom is working, but it lets me practice being a mom and it’s fun.

I hope to have a son like my brother Devin, I will be very blessed indeed.

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