Don’t Let Your Anxiety Be Contagious

When your OCD stretches to other people that’s when you have a problem. Sometimes my OCD gives my family anxiety. Anxiety shouldn’t be contagious but somehow in my house, it is. My mom has to pick and chose what she says to me because she is afraid I will have a meltdown. Her anxiety raises because she doesn’t know how I will react.

Your anxiety should never make anyone anxious. People who are trying to help you should not be scared to help you. Don’t push people away. People who are there to help are there to make you better. They have your best interest at heart. Stressing them out makes it hard to work with you. I learned this the hard way.

Think of it this way. My anxiety should not leave me. My anxiety should not stress others out. Tell yourself this. It will help you and the people around you.

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