My Healthy Living (Part 2)

I had my first soda for the first time in two weeks, here is how it went.

I decided to have a Coke with I was out Christmas shopping with my mom. I was ready to taste all the deliciousness that came after that fizzy sound. I took the first sip and felt it go down rough. I started to beat my chest to rid the feeling. After the first sip, I wasn’t delighted. I was upset because there was a weird aftertaste I could get rid off. It was in the back of my tongue lingering there. I wanted it to go away so badly but it didn’t. Coke was no longer the soda I remembered.

I have been drinking water and chocolate milk for the past couple of weeks. The chocolate milk was sometimes, like twice a week. I cut out soda. I didn’t want to drink my calories. But by cutting out soda I cut out my taste for it. I haven’t wanted a soda since. I drank a lot of soda because I ate a lot of fast food. Now that I’m eating healthy, I just want water and lots of it. I don’t think I’ll have another soda, it’s not right for me anymore.

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