When Is Eating Bad?

I like to eat, so much I gained over twenty pounds. I know that if you read my last posts I have mentioned it a lot but for obvious reasons. I know that food tastes good. I am constantly thinking of places I want to go out to eat, but I know that those things are not necessarily good for me.

Food can be addictive. When I used to watch my 600 lb Life I saw the addition and passion these people had for food. I know that my love for food wasn’t that severe, but when is the love of food considered bad?

Bad depends on your interpretation of what your ideal weight is. I know that my ideal weight is 127. With that weight goal being so low I know that I cannot eat everything I see something I want. If I had a higher goal I would probably eat a little bit more.

You can not eat with you want and lose weight. I learned that the hard way. You have to cut back in some places. For me, the cut back was the sweets. I was drinking all my calories as much as I was consuming them. The best way to combat this would be to drink water, but I love Coke. I haven’t had on in a while, but I still love it. I just had to learn to love water more.

Eating becomes bad for you when you eat more than what your body desires. A lot of my knowledge on this comes from personal experience. I’m telling the truth. Sometimes you don’t need an extra or another serving or a large. You just need the serving size. The serving size may not be a lot, but it’s enough. As we continue to eat more our bodies carve more.

I’m not going to lie, eating less is hard, but I know it’s for the best. I’m slowly getting my appetite down and getting back to my original weight. Slowly but surely.

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