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How to Calm A Mental Breakdown

I have a mental breakdown every so often. Often enough to be able to give advice on how to handle them. I remember at the beginning of this year I was very stressed out. I was getting ready to graduate college and very much on edge. I remember crying in my parents’ arms at least once a week. These are the things I did to get better:

  • Have a distraction.

When I’m in my feelings, I play video games or watch my favorite show. Video games get my mind completely off the situation. I can take my frustrations out in the game. You can check out more on how I feel about video games here. Television can either help me deal of the situation or comfort me. Sometimes I will find the characters in the show are in relatable situations or going through things worse than me.

  • Have some emotional support.

Every so often you need to talk to someone else. This can be a close friend, family, or a therapist. Therapists are worth the time and money. They can give you a professional unbiased opinion and also give you a professional opinion.

  • Sit around and think about nothing.

This one is my favorite. When you do nothing you feel better because your mind isn’t occupied by other things. When all else fails, do this. I love doing this.

  • Write and reread.

This is my second favorite. If you go back and write it down and reread it will change your perspective on what actually happened.

Hopefully, these help you. Just are just a few I use.



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