My Healthy Living (Part 1)

When you start off eating healthy you question what all you can eat. The answer is everything but in moderation. I started a couple weeks ago eating only at home and cutting out most sweet drinks and fast food. I didn’t think this was possible until it was.

Eating healthier is the key to having a healthy body and a healthy mind. When you eat right, you don’t worry about your weight or how you look in clothes. When I started eating better I waited until about a week to get on the scale. It didn’t move. My mom told me that eating healthier is good and all but the scale may not move as much until later. I was disappointed because I knew something about my body had changed. I was able to fit clothes that I was struggling to get in to.

I had been struggling with my weight for a few months and the worst part is I was exercising. The problem was I was using exercise as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. Lesson learned you can’t eat what you want because you are supposedly burning it off.

I decided to stop exercising as much. I still continue to walk, but everything else is cut out. I I know you are supposed to exercise, but make sure you are doing it right and not wrong like me. I was getting muscular, but you couldn’t tell because I had a layer of fat over my abs.

I wanted to start eating right and then start exercising again so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes. There is nothing worse than hard work and nothing to show for it. So far I feel I have been making progress with just the walking. I have also limited my snacks and how many calories I have in a day. But overall everything has been going well.

Thanks, guys for reading this part of my journey! Stay tuned for part two of my journey next Sunday. Read my other relatable posts!

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