Pink Is A Girl Color (My Color)

My bedroom has always been a shade of pink. When I was a little girl it was a soft pink and when I got older I switched to hot. I always felt the color was feminine, not because I was taught that way but because the color represented me.

Pink is a soft color and I love the way it makes me feel pretty. I know that boys wear pink too, but it doesn’t feel the same. Men don’t represent the softness that I feel when I see the color on their skin. But men do look good in pink. I know for historical reasons pink went from being a man’s color to a woman’s but I like the change.

I was always jealous of my cousin because my grandma would buy her pink and give me purple. Purple has never been my color. I felt the only reason she dressed me in it was because my skin is dark. I know as a dark skin person that light colors pop on me. Dark colors just look dull.

I never told my grandma that pink was my favorite color. She stopped buying me colors every year by the time I was ten. I was thankful for that. But I was never mad at my grandma, she just taught me what my favorite color was.

I will probably have something pink on me for the rest of my life. I just love how great it makes me feel.

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