Things I Can’t Talk About

I have a lot of things that have happened in my life that I am perfectly fine talking about. I can put almost anything out there, but somethings hold me back. Talking about certain things with my family and friends that make me uncomfortable.

I recently published a post called “What Triggered My OCD.” I read the stats and saw that not too many people saw it and then deleted the post, the word document and deleted the trash. I was a little scared only two people saw it, but it was better than thirty. I am fearful of being judged for certain things in my life because I have not forgiven myself or have gotten over them.

My OCD won’t let me talk about stuff close to my heart. I like talking about surface stuff, not deep stuff. My heart can’t handle the judgment on the deep stuff. I may sound like a marshmallow, but certain things aren’t for certain people. As long as I know my truth, I’m fine.

It’s funny because I made a somewhat TMI post about my boobs, but that doesn’t bother me. Not one lick. But maybe one day I will be able to speak about the deep stuff but until then. I will continue to talk about other things, things that don’t hit my soul.

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