Meet Me in the Middle

When I see my aunt she always gives me this one piece of advice, “meet people where they are.” For me, this is difficult to follow through on. I hold everyone to a high standard that is impossible to reach. When I do something I give 1000%, and I expect everyone else to do the same. The thing is, I struggle to hold my own standards. So, how can I expect people to give so much when I can barely do as much? I aim for perfection every single time and it’s impossible to reach.

Perfection is inhuman and since I’m human I struggle to grasp it, but I still try to reach it.

When I go to people’s parties and functions I judge them because they are not striving for 1000% like I am. The thing is, it’s not necessary to always overachieve. My aunt tells me to meet people where they are so I don’t put as much pressure on them to do something that they can’t really do.

In my head, if everyone does as I say then everything would be perfect. The way to fix this problem is to relax control and let go of situations you can’t handle. Know that things will work out and sometimes they do not go as planned. Do not label people as stupid or incompetent if they make mistakes. Just help them grow and do better.

This is a hard lesson for me to learn because I feel people should be where I am but that isn’t always possible. It isn’t necessary to be perfect all the time either. It is not also not possible to be perfect. What is possible is for me to love people regardless of their shortcomings. So while I’m learning I’ll just meet people in the middle.

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