Video Game Therapy Is Real Therapy

Video game therapy is real therapy. Let me explain. When I’m stressed out the first thing I do is pull up a game. Most of the time it’s an app on my phone but it’s still a game. I like to have the distraction of something else rather than to dwell on something I can’t control. I can kind of control what happens in a game so that makes me happy.

One thing about OCD that people don’t realize, is that it’s a lot about control. If you can’t control your situation, then your anxiety goes up. But video games are relaxing. Even if you fail, you can start over. One of my biggest triggers is failure. I don’t like to fail. No one likes to fail, but unlike everyone else they move on, I don’t. I know that some things you do in life, are one time opportunities; it’s not like that in video games.

Video games allow me to redo my mistakes and make them right. It is also a lot of fun to beat up monsters and win boards and do awesome combos. You can’t do that stuff in real life. Also if you are mad, you can take it out in the game and not have to yell and scream at real people. I’ll admit, my mouth is a little dirty when I play games, but it’s all in good fun. Once I’m done playing I don’t think about before, because I released everything into the game.

Do games help you relieve stress? Comment below.

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