Guys… Ugh!

I learned very fast that boys can be tricky. They are even worse when they have good looks. You don’t know what you are truly getting into. I remember interacting with an Egyptian beauty and how it was over after our date not date to the mall about a year before. In my book, he was a ten. But his attitude put him at a four. I didn’t even care that he showed me his abs on his phone trying to impress me. It’s was nice, but that wasn’t the personality thing I hated. For starters, we weren’t even dating yet and he was already trying to change me. Like who the heck is you!

First off, if any guy tries to change you on a date, dump him. He is not even worth your time. So that’s with I did with the beautiful Egyptian. I dumped him. And I did want everything to work out, but it wasn’t meant to be. So I stopped thinking about him. I hoped to never see him again. After a while, I stopped seeing him around and thought he moved away. I hoped he had moved away. After everything that happened, I realized that men are sometimes in their feelings.

During my life, I have realized that dating beautiful men can be a headache. Unlike tv hot guys are not perfect. I wish I they were and I could get my happy romantic Twilight ending. Twilight was the best example I could think of.

But I saw the beautiful guy again while I was at the grocery store. I didn’t even notice him and he saw me. He still looked just as good, but better. The only thing is that I’m not even sure he had actually changed. I didn’t even want him anymore. When he passed me by I didn’t even do a double take. At least I don’t remember doing that.

Read why I don’t date at Where the Tiara Fits.


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