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I’m Not Pregnant, But I’m Lactating!

All medications have side effects. If you watch any medicine commercial you can hear the announcer rattle off the list of horror. You began to question if the medicine should even be advertised in the first place. Since I’ve been on my antidepressants, I have only experienced sleepiness and increased eating. Everything else in my body was working fine until recently. Ladies, you might understand this one and gents this much just be good information.

I tend to touch my breast a lot, so I know every lump, bump, formation to be had on each boob. One day as I scratched my breast I noticed a clear liquid came out. This was abnormal for me and happened for a while. I came to the fact that when I scratched liquid was going to come out. I wasn’t even worried because it didn’t seem life-threatening. I didn’t even Google what was going on.

Sometimes boobs are weird and I accepted that until I decided to squeeze my boobs. A lot of women touch their breast, but I not sure most women squirt milk when they do. I realized right then and there that I was lactating. See I thought this could only happen if I were pregnant. I’m not pregnant; even though I was gaining weight and lactating. I knew I wasn’t pregnant. For a brief second, I wondering if I was carrying Jesus. Lord knows I’m not ready for a baby. I want children but not right now. I decided I needed the internet. Boy, I was wrong about lactation.

I went to Google to diagnose myself and found out that antidepressants can cause lactation.

Lactation can also be caused by birth control; I just so happen to be on them both. Both medications change the hormones in the body, but when you go to the doctor they don’t tell you about these side effects. Hormone imbalance is one thing, but to start producing milk is another. As time went on the milk went from clear to a creamy white. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. So I did what any person would do, I told my mom. Her response was,

“Ha. I used to do the same before children. Kinda strange but at least you know your milk supply will be on point. Mine was!”

She ended it with a winky face emoji. Thanks, mom.

After a few days, the milk flow stopped. I squeezed my breasts periodically to see if I was dried up. No milk came out and I assumed it was a good thing; I guess. When I told my therapist about it, she was shocked, but also thought it was funny as well. She began asking me all these questions which I didn’t know because I never breastfeed a baby. But she did jog my memory and I realized that I was on my period when this happened. Was I going to go through this every time I had my cycle? There is no way to know until my next period.

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