How to Get Over Yourself

Forgiving myself is a hard thing for me to do. I can never get over my mistakes the way I do other people’s, this is because I hate to fail. When I make a mistake I feel stupid and wrong for not doing something right on the first time, but the thing is everyone makes mistakes. Since I have held myself to such a high standard for so long, I feel as though I can’t go below the bar I set for myself.

So how do you get over yourself?

  1. Don’t dwell.

When you dwell on a situation, you think of everything bad you have done. When you think of everything bad, you get depressed. To avoid being in your feelings, you should try and distract yourself with the positive that is going to happen later.

  1. Turn the situation around.

If you can make it better, get it better. Don’t leave things just the way they are because you don’t want to make the problem worse. You have to work through the emotional pain. Just know it doesn’t feel good, but it will get better.

  1. Think better of yourself.

Your confidence is one of the reasons why you are hard on yourself. I know it is the main reason I am hard on myself. If your confidence is low, when you fail, it will hit you harder. Know that you are an awesome person even though you have done something wrong.


Don’t set a bar for yourself that you can’t reach. Try and set realistic goals. Read my post Meet Me in the Middle to understand what happens when you set the bar high for other people.

Comment below what you hate to fail at.



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