Movies Are Boring!

I can’t sit through movies. It’s not that they are boring, but my attention span is short. When I watch movies at home I watch them in segments. Watching them full on I lose interest in what is going on. Sitting in movie theaters is dreadful for me. I am okay with comedies because that is super entertaining, but other movies are not grasping me.
I can possibly tell you what happened in a drama, but in an action movie, I can’t tell you anything. I find action movies to be boring. It could be because so much is going on. The only thing I see is he hit him and she hit the thing and so on. For a long time, I avoided action movies because I don’t feel like being behind in what is going on.
Movies I can watch all the way through is kid’s movies, but they are only an hour long. I do find superhero movies interesting, but if I am in the theater I start staring at other stuff, like the wall and other people, other people are more interesting.
But I tend to miss a lot of jokes and lines because I am out of it. I love watching tv, it’s short and fun I don’t have to pay attention to the screen for two hours. Are movies boring to you? Maybe it’s a “me” thing.

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