A Day in the Life,  Things That Bother Me Badly

Don’t Call My Name

One of my peeves is when people call my name. Let me explain. I don’t like it when people dramatically call my name and when I enter the room, you ask me a basic question. My dad is the worse at this. I love him to pieces, but it raises my anxiety. Like do you know how long it takes for me to calm down afterward?

Scream my name for these reasons:

  • If there is an emergency. Yes, like if something important happened, like if another hurricane is coming and directly hitting us.
  • If someone wins a game. If the Falcons win. Call me because I have to see it to believe it.
  • Something cool is happening on tv. Like if you see some incredible, call. Don’t tell me, call me.

Don’t call me if:

  • You want something to eat. We text each other at my house. It’s just a simple type.
  • Asking me if I want something to eat. Once again text me.
  • To tell me some funny someone else said. This can be dinner talk later on.

So call if there is something important, not because you feel like yelling my name.

Do you hate when people do this to you? Comment below.

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