Junk Food is Evil

Junk food is chewy, sweet, crunchy and everything right with the world. Every trip to the grocery store is a fight with myself to stay away from the Little Debbie and all her friends. If junk food where vegetables I would be getting my daily vitamins every day. There is no nutrition in a Swiss Roll, but there is happiness that comes with every bite. Junk food is fine on occasion or as a snack in your lunch. Snacking is good sometimes, but snacking is bad when you do it when you’re stressed. Stress eating can cause weight to pack on fast.

Out of all the junk foods, my biggest weakness is chips. I’ll start off eating the serving size. The crunching noise relaxes me. I go from the serving size of sixteen chips to eating more and more just to hear the sound in my ear. As I eat, I don’t think about serving sizes or how much weight I am going to gain. I don’t focus on the taste, but just the sound. As my jaw gets tired I still try to continue to chew to get the sound.

When you eat like that, it becomes a problem. It’s hard to stop eating, but you carve more once you’re done. As I pass the chip aisle, I see them and can’t resist saying no. I find a reason to need them in my house. I grab a bag of chips. I get them home and put them away and wait a day or two to eat them, so I won’t feel as guilty.

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