I Don’t Like K (Use a C)

I don’t like the letter K. The letter K messes with my OCD. I feel it is an imitation of C and if I want C I want C. I don’t understand how this letter has somehow snuck its way into my life parading around like it’s the best thing ever. To be fair, the letter K is supposed to be in some words, like kitchen and ketchup. But words like Krispy, absolutely not. C is for crispy. Krispy Kreme is committing the ultimate sin. I don’t know why they decided to use this K, I guess they thought it looked nice.
It’s annoying to see words subbing C for K. Like what is wrong with C. C has done us many favors for us when it comes to spelling like fabulous words such as chicken and car and other simple words.
Subbing letters is the most annoying thing people can do. It’s like the time I read a whole book with vampire spelled vampyre. I wanted to scream. Personally, if I had it my way, you wouldn’t be able to sub a letter, just because it looked nice.
I’m forgiving of K names. I like Katherine and Kristin. Those are nice and they look pretty are monograms. But regular everyday words, no, just no, use a C.

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