Even Numbers Are Bad

I never understood why I needed things to be a specific number, but I just do. I don’t like even numbers. I find them to be dreadful. Even numbers throw off the balance and the balance is supposed to have a number in the center. When I researched OCD, I found out that counting is a thing. I don’t know why, but it is. There is no reason to have even when you could have odd. Odd numbers relieve my anxiety and make me feel at ease.
If I go and buy yogurt at the store, I will get five. If I get brownies, I get three. I refuse to get six of anything. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense to me. Even numbers make me feel weird. Sometimes they are okay, but I still think of them as evil, but the higher the even number the better, somehow that takes the edge off.
The only time I like even numbers is when I’m eating, two plates are fine, but three plates is too many. I wish I could be clearer on why even numbers bother me, but all I can stay is that it’s my OCD.

Is there are a particular number you have to have? Comment below.

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