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Cleaning Is Joy

For me cleaning is therapeutic. I talk to women who find cleaning to be a drag and do it’s only because they have too. I understand because when you are the only one doing it, it can be frustrating, but there is joy in it. Here are my reasons for liking to clean:

  1. You get stuff in the order you want it.

When I clean I like all my dishes in order. I don’t like having a pan in one place and the lid in the other. I also don’t like to dig through unorganized pots just to get the one I want. When I do this all myself, I don’t have to try to use someone else’s logic to find it. I know where it is and don’t have to search to find it.

2.  You clean the dishes the right way.

I remember my grandma’s ex-husband could not do dishes to save his life. He didn’t clean them all the way. I know when I clean something, it’s clean. I make sure to clean it again if I didn’t do it the right the first time.

3. There are always clean dishes.

You don’t have to wait for anyone else to clean the dishes. Everyone else has to will have to wait until you do them to have clean dishes (that’s a minus for everyone else.)

That’s why I like cleaning.


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