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I Need A Dog

Amidst everything going on with the hurricane I thought about what it would be like to have a dog, again. See I did have a dog when I was a teenager, but for reasons, I don’t want to explain. (My mom gave her away to a loving family with a grandma who would love on her forever and ever.) The dog is in a great place. But when I had a dog my compulsions were non-existent. I couldn’t constantly wash my hands if someone is constantly licking them; it is easier to let the germs sit.

I knew that I wanted another dog when I came to that realization. I love taking care of things. My therapist says that is the reason I love babies so much. When my focus is on something else I don’t stress as much. I get anxiety thinking about all the things I need to do, but when you throw a warm-blooded being into the mix I can care less about my stresses of the world.

Well, it is very obvious that I will get the dog before the baby. I love small humans, but I’m not ready for one yet. I also need a committed husband first. A dog would be more feasible to take care of by myself. I would get a Pug. I like them, they’re cute and they are small. I could possibly carry them around in my purse. But when I get this dog I will be living on my own. Until I can get a mammal, I will think about getting a fish. They don’t say much.

I am a personal blogger! I love to write and I love cookies and cake. And cheesecake. I love talking about my experiences in life. I like to write fiction and invent different worlds in my head. I enjoy watching movies, but I'm not a horror fan. I like watching Disney movies and hope to one day create a Disney Princess.

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