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I Can Only Imagine (On This Day)

I can only imagine what this day feels like. For some people, they probably wonder how the victims could ever forgive or move on with their lives. Remembering can cause pain and suffering and reopen wounds that were only bandaged over. Even though you shouldn’t dwell on the past you shouldn’t pretend certain events didn’t happen either.

One thing about trauma is that you have to accept what happened. Pretending that it didn’t happen will do you no good. With that being said you don’t have to live in the past. Accepting what happened can help you heal. For the family and victims of 9/11, I thought about how they felt for a long time but I feel that they might be at peace, they might have forgiven the perpetrator for the things that were done wrong to them.

Unforgivable actions happen all the time, but you should still forgive. When you don’t forgive you are no better than the person that wronged you. Just know forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight, but it shouldn’t take decades either. Forgiveness helps people heal.

I just hope that people continue to forgive our enemies even though we don’t like them. For many people, this can be very hard. You can’t live life holding grudges about things that happened years ago; it’s not healthy. You give the person who did you wrong power. I say pray to The Lord to help you forgive because you ain’t moving on unless you do.

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