Don’t Use the Bathroom

There is a rule in my house to never use my bathroom. It started when I was older and understood what germs were. When I was younger, people using my bathroom never bothered me, but I wasn’t the person cleaning it. Once you have to do something yourself, things change. As I went through puberty things become different for me too. I was scared people were going to use my razors. My family assured me that this didn’t happen, but after my aunt went into my bathroom and used my mouthwash, I didn’t care what people said.

I began to dread guests the older I got. I didn’t want people in my bathroom. I knew that people’s habits were gross. I had witnessed gross things in my space over the years and couldn’t tolerate having to clean up after people left my house. I didn’t find it fair. I also didn’t find it fair that everyone thought I should get over it, but what are you supposed to do when you have poop and pee on your floor.

If I had it my way, no one who came to visit would come upstairs. I don’t want to clean any more gross things. I don’t want to question if my stuff has been used or touched. I don’t want to question rather or not people wash their hands after entering my bathroom. I made it very clear to my mom that when I got my place I would not have guests. I can’t mentally handle guests, I wish I could, but I can’t, they are too gross to think about.

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