Dealing With Stress,  Understanding You

When I’m In My Emotions

When I’m in my emotions, I pull my hair. Over time I have had several inches cut off because I pull at my ends. This mainly happens when I’m stressed. Stress causes me to make my hair shorter. Isn’t that crazy? My hair and are besties so I hate to see it look bad because of something I did. If you didn’t know this, I have long hair, so it can sometimes be traumatizing to cut off several inches. When I’m not touching my hair, I’m touching and picking at my face. I switch depending on which one I want to do that day.

Personally, I don’t know which one is worse, emotional eating or breaking off my hair. Each causes me to have to make a huge lifestyle change. I know my hair will grow back, the same way I will lose weight, but these things take time. Unlike many people, I don’t recover the same. I dwell and beat myself up over things I’ve done wrong. I will go over in my head again and again. I think what I should have done to prevent it from happening. But once something is done, it’s done. You can’t change it. But that is OCD, obsessing over what I can no longer control.

It hurts me to think that I have ruined something on myself because I was stressed out. I know I should be coping, but it’s hard to do when every thought in the universe is roaming through my head. I don’t want to stay like this. I want my hair.

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